Moana MACH 2 Bracelets

The Aero-Design bracelet created in honor of the Polynesian fauna and flora is available for sale. On the price of € 95, € 20 is donated to the association Te mana o te moana.

Te mana o te moana, the turtle clinic

Sponsored by astronaut Jean-François Clervoy, the association Te mana o te moana, "the power of the oceans", is located within the Moorea Intercontinental Hotel. Its marine turtle care center is open to the public. It collects turtles who are sick, wounded, mutilated, poached and seized by the authorities; puts in place a veterinary follow-up before releasing them, if their state allows it, in their natural environment. The association is also at the initiative of pedagogical actions, studies of laying and migration, and research programs. 500 turtles have been welcomed since the founding of the association in 2004.

And the link with space and aviation?  

Agnès Patrice-Crépin is a private pilot. Florence Ramioul, a little girl, wanted to become an airline pilot. That's why all the creations of the brand are closely linked to the aeronautics, most of them coming from parts that flew then "supercycled". In the Polynesian project, besides the benevolence and the observation of the oceans in the case of the universe by his godfather of space, Jean-François Clervoy, the air link is more than obvious. The planes are precious to the life of the archipelagos, Jaques Brel was the most beautiful ambassador with "Jojo", his magnificent twin-engine. The silhouette of the Tiare flower, so emblematic in Polynesia, could also evoke a propeller ... no wonder that when we know that the first manufacturers were inspired by botany. And do not we say that turtles fly in water?