"The Aero-Design creations have in common to be influenced by the extraordinary evolution of these machines which knew how to mark our time. As a co-founder and designer at Aero-Design, I start my day with a piece of plane, a piece of Mirage III "the most beautiful of mistresses" for some ... I'm inspired and seeks to sublimate it. Welcome to my world, welcome to the Aero-Design workshop

The business gift at the heart of the upcycling Aeronautical Trophies - Sculptures on the theme of aviation - Offices and conference tables - Custom Mach 2 bracelets - Mach Watches - Office accessories - Mach 2 pen - Keychain - Baggage tag - ... etc All these items are offered and from recycled original aircraft parts.

Our collections make it possible to create tailor-made aeronautical furniture, aviation furniture adapted to your offices. Offices, conference tables, bars, coffee tables, light fixtures, sofas, portholes ... do not hesitate to contact us, we will study your project to best meet your expectations.