A unique concept, an atypical story

The world of the aeronautics industry, Airbus, Dassault Aviation, ATR, Air France and many others, have already appealed to originality, in terms of design, but also to the refined and original design of the super-cycle parts produced by Aéro-Design. A unique concept in Europe combining the dreamy side of the aeronautical world with the elegance of luxury creations. At Aero-Design, aeronautical upcycling is an art.

Since 2012, AERO-DESIGN has continued to grow. Airbus, Air France, Dassault Aviation, ATR, Air France, the Patrouille de France, the Air Force, Latécoère and many others are among the partners and customers of Aero-Design. Partner with Tarmac Aerosave as a confluence, their complementarity flows from source: one is responsible for the dismantling and storage of devices, when the second immortalizes in their best day the deposited parts. Aero-Design and Tarmac Aerosave provide a forward-looking and necessary answer to current questions.

The duo thus becomes a full member of the life cycle of an aircraft, offering its chosen parts a second utility when the aircraft is permanently immobilized on the ground. It is part of a circular economy that gives portholes, wings or connectors a new and sustainable function. Aéro-Design collaborates with major players in the aeronautics industry. Tarmac Aerosave offers its recycling services to all owners wishing to offer an eco-responsible end of life to their aircraft.