Aeronautical upcycling artists

Strong of their unshakable complicity, the two partners are at the heart of the dynamics of Aero-Design. They imagined, created and developed a concept of aeronautical upcycling unique in Europe. Welcome to the crossroads of passion and talent in the service of excellence, welcome to the world of Aero-Design.

"The Aero-Design creations have in common to be influenced by the extraordinary evolution of these machines that have marked our time" Agnès is the artist of the duo. Passionate and inhabited by an overflowing imagination, she saw each new order as a gift,
although the recognition it enjoys today owes nothing to chance. Originally from Antibes, the young woman observes
his father, a surgeon by profession, but a painter by passion.

He awakens him to create. Avid to transmit and share, Agnès begins by engaging in communication studies. Graduated in 1983, she became involved with the family clinic before joining Havas Agency. But his desire is elsewhere. In 1986, Agnes passes her private pilot's license. Without being able to explain it, this aeronautical universe attracts it. She draws inspiration, observes, constantly feeds research to go further.

If Aero-Design was a brain, Florence would be the left side. Rational with her feet on the ground, the young woman is initially a nutritionist. Bursting with energy, she still works today in parallel with her unlimited investment in Aero-Design. Originally from Belgium, Florence is a longtime friend of Agnes. Present in difficult times, Florence has found the words and deeds to accompany and convince her friend not to give up her passion.

If aeronautics does not seem to be the main interest of Florence, she is no less admiring of its actors and convinced of the place of Agnes in this universe. Together, the partners created Aéro-Design, which Florence manages today the strategic, administrative and financial aspects. The two women complement each other and form an explosive pair that evolves seriously, without ever taking themselves seriously.